Top 7 tips for eco – friendly Halloween costumes

A holiday loved by children and adults alike, Halloween is just a few days away and we couldn’t be more excited! Instead of buying each year a new costume that has potentially been made through questionable manufacturing practices and that you are less likely to reuse, here are our top tips on how to make your Halloween costume this year more eco-friendly as well as more affordable.

eco friendly halloween costumes

  1. Check your existing wardrobe

Previous costumes that can be easily re-updated with some accessories, or makeup is one of the easiest, most sustainable and cheapest ways to dress up for this Halloween. Alternatively, see what clothing pieces you have that when styled together with some creativity, can easily become a great and unique Halloween outfit.

2. Look through the recycle bin

Cardboards, papers, can be easily painted and cut to help accessorise an otherwise boring outfit.

3. Use existing makeup or borrow from friends

Instead of buying face paint see what colouring you can do using existing makeup. Alternatively, see if friends have leftover face paint. If you need to buy remember to buy organic face paint that’s kinder to your skin.

4. Costume swap with friends

Costume swapping with friends is another easy solution, great for reusing previous costumes, and let’s not mention- free!

eco friendly halloween

Gif: 20th Television

5. Check local thrift stores

Whether you’re just looking for accessories to add to your costume or a full look, local thrift stores can be great for finding great and affordable used fashion.

6. Focus on accessories or clothes you are likely to reuse

Fashion trends always come back in style. Pieces from the 90s, 80s, 70s, can be easily repurposed for today’s style.

7. Use natural materials for accessories

Flowers, leaves, cones can provide great accessories for your look. Admittedly they might work easier if you’re going as something nature- related.

Now time to get even more excited for Halloween!

halloween sustainable costumes