Top 5 Ways Instagram is Influencing Green- Living

how is instagram influencing green living

Sustainability, conscious living, green tech, have become some of the most discussed topics in recent years and Instagram is now one of the platforms where a lot of these conversations are happening. The social media channel has a large, global active user base (800 million monthly active users), and is a key channel for businesses to promote their products.

Here are the top 5 ways Instagram is influencing consumer decisions related to green living:

  1. It’s an easy to understand educational and inspirational source

Some things on Instagram can be a bit unrealistic however a lot of them are also feasible or within reach. The platform can be a great source for healthy recipes, sustainable home décor, sustainable fashion style, green beauty reviews, and many more. And with a high number of eco specific influencers that provide great sustainable tips and ideas in a more personal and easy to understand way, it makes it much easier for everyone to start making steps towards a greener way of life.

  1. It allows small businesses to showcase their eco-friendly products

Instagram makes it much easier for smaller businesses to reach consumers and showcase their eco-friendly products by building a loyal community around their brand that also acts as their ambassadors. This can be much more difficult to do on search engines or other social media platforms if you’re a small business with limited marketing budget.

  1. It also helps bigger brands tell their story

Bigger brands and companies are also able to connect to conscious consumers and tell the story of the steps they are taking towards sustainability as well as allowing people to ask questions around their practices and impact on the environment.

  1. Widens the reach of green innovation & trends

There is a lot of exciting innovation happening in a range of industries and the social channel makes it easier to discover the latest advancements in green tech, sustainable fashion, green construction, and much more. This helps to keep the momentum and get more and more people excited about a green way of life.

  1. Fits the current always-connected consumer

All of the above of course wouldn’t be possible if Instagram didn’t have the huge, engaged community it currently has. This type of content consumption fits with the current consumer that is constantly online, and wants easy and fast to digest information on the go.

Top 10 Free Apps for Eco-Living

best apps for eco livingAs with any big lifestyle changes, transitioning to a greener way of living can feel overwhelming at first without knowing where to start or even how to achieve it so we’ve rounded up 10 apps to help you through your eco journey:

  1. JouleBug

JouleBug helps make your everyday life more sustainable by organising sustainability tips into Actions that you Buzz in the app when you do them in real-life. The app has a gaming element by allowing you to collect points and badges and share them with your friends.

For iOS and Android

  1. Dropcountr

Dropcountr allows you to connect your utilities to your mobile device to better track your daily water use and set goals to minimise water consumption and save costs.

For iOS and Android

  1. Oroeco

Oroeco helps you understand how every aspect of your life connects to climate change and helps provide useful advice on how to minimise your impact. The app tackles everything from transportation to home energy, shopping, diet, and entertainment choices.

For iOS and Android

  1. EWG Food Scores

EWG scores over 80,000 food products based on their nutrition, processing, and quality of ingredients to provide consumers with a better understanding of what they’re buying.

For iOS and Android

  1. BrightNest

BrightNest is designed to improve efficiency for home tasks. It allows users to set tasks and reminders, and provides custom tips and instructions. The app covers a wide range of areas from cleaning to recycling, fixing, and decorating.

For iOS 

  1. GoodGuide

Another app that lets you search, browse or scan healthy consumer products and gives them a scientific rating. Their aim is to provide consumers with all the product information needed to make better shopping decisions.

For iOS and Android

7. Etsy

A global marketplace for handmade items, vintage and creative goods. You can buy from existing sellers or you can open your own store and sell your items.

For iOS and Android

  1. Commute Greener

Commute Greener is aimed at helping you change your daily commute to make it more eco-friendly by allowing you to collect points and badges every time you leave your car at home for public transport, ride sharing, and cycling. It provides traffic information, as well as map routes, CO2, health and fuel cost visualisation.

For iOS and Android

  1. Stuffstr

Stuffstr helps you recirculate unwanted items such as clothing, accessories, and keep them out of landfills by allowing you to resell valuable items, identify charities and send them for free.

For iOS

  1. Depop

Depop is a community marketplace that allows you to easily sell and shop vintage and second hand fashion, books, jewellery, art, and more from sellers around the world.

For iOS and Android