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Ecoeri is a marketplace for fashion, beauty & personal care, and home & living products.
We are continuously evolving our offering and always on the look-out for cool, sustainable, ethical brands that we can bring and champion to the public.

Find out more on why you should sell with us and our criteria below:

7 Reasons On Why You Should Sell With Ecoeri

  1. We solely focus on conscious products, giving you the opportunity to market your product to an audience that is highly interested in discovering and buying sustainable products from across the globe.
  2. No fee to stock your products, we only take a commission if the item sells.
  3. We write the product descriptions, do the listings, and notifying you of sales, saving you time to focus on your business.
  4. We believe not stocking products ourselves unnecessarily allows us to minimise carbon footprint, waste, leftover stock, which is why the items are delivered by you straight to the customers.
  5. We provide transparent information to both our customers and our partners. Our aim is to build a trustworthy, long lasting relationship.
  6. We are proactive and personal, and we treat all our brands equally, no matter if you’re selling 1 item or hundreds with us.
  7. We believe in a collaborative approach with our partners and we like to inspire our community through interviews, social media posts, competitions. We want to work with you on the long term, find solutions to existing environmental and social challenges, and raise awareness of conscious product alternatives.

Criteria to sell with us

  1. All our partners must adhere to ethical practices.
  2. All products on our website need to be cruelty free.
  3. Products can fit into 1 or more categories: sustainable, fair trade, organic, eco friendly, handmade, vintage, second hand, reusable. If you’re not sure get in touch and we can help you understand in which categories your product fits.
  4. Our partners must be able to dropship efficiently. We don’t stock any products and the shipping will be handled by our partners. We can help you find the best shipping methods for your brand if needed.
  5. We encourage brands to use sustainable packaging, this means minimising plastic used, and ensuring your packaging is recyclable or reusable.
  6. We are hand curated and we focus only on the highest quality, and most innovative, practical and beautiful products. If you’re not sure whether your product fits with our website please get in touch.


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