Our Values & Philosophy

Our values are shaped around our desire to provide our customers and community with a place they can discover and shop sustainable and ethical products easily and with confidence.

These 7 core goals guide our company activities, work ethics, and growth ambitions.

Positive impact on community & the environment

We want to build a business that respects and has a positive impact on human beings and the environment. This influences the type of products we offer, the brands we work with, the type of customer service we offer, and the marketing campaigns we run.

Ensuring a positive impact on the community and the environment is at the heart of everything we do and why we started Ecoeri.


Always provide our customers, partners, and our community with transparent information. We take a high level of care to ensure we only offer products that meet our ethical or sustainability credentials.
Our aim is to always be honest and work only with handpicked brands whose ethical standards align to ours.

Challenge the status quo

Always challenge the status quo by proactively seeking solutions that can make a positive difference. Be relentless and never settle if something doesn’t feel right.

Seek new ways of doing things that are focussed on a more sustainable, ethical, inclusive and efficient future.


Always seek innovation in everything we do that can have a positive impact on the community and the environment, from the brands, artisans and businesses we work with, to how our website performs and how we evolve as a company.

Constantly research innovative ways of doing things, innovative products, brands, campaigns and causes. Be at the top of the latest innovations in technology and sustainability.

Inform & inspire

We want to continuously research and in return share that knowledge with our customers, partners and community. Our aim is to inform and inspire the community by spreading awareness of global environmental and social issues and their impact. Provide easy to understand information to the community to empower their choices.

Be humble but brave

Always be humble but brave in being proactive to come up with ideas, act on challenges or issues, get feedback, and think of innovative ways of doing things. We want to focus on a test & learn approach, to keep learning and researching, take feedback from each other and our community, and constantly adapt and grow.
Don’t be afraid of failure.

Focus on long term growth

Our vision is to build a long lasting company with a loyal community that has a positive impact on the environment. In anything we do our goal is to focus what will bring long term value and it will help us build that long lasting company that people trust.
Be ambitious to grow, and always think of ways of improving what we do and the longer term benefits we can bring to your customers, partners, environment and community.