Top 10 Tips For A More Sustainable Easter

Top 10 Tips For A More Sustainable Easter

1. Make a shopping list 

We all get a bit too carried away when food shopping sometimes and especially for special occasions like Easter. Mapping your menu, ingredients you need (and how much chocolate you can possibly eat vs what you want to eat) can help you avoid buying things you end up not using and unnecessary waste.

2. Use reusable produce bags for your food shopping

There is unfortunately still a large amount of plastic being used in supermarkets and food shops. To avoid single use plastic, take with you while shopping reusable produce and tote bags and consider shopping at local markets or retailers that sell veggies or fruits without individual plastic wrapping.

We love these mesh organic cotton produce bags for fruits and veggies and similarly these organic cotton for bread, nuts and grains. This fun printed tote bag is a great all around shopping bag.

mesh produce bag   organic cotton produce bag   printed tote kind bag 

3. Support independent food and drinks retailers

A great way to stock up on supplies supporting your local independent food and drinks retailers and makers. So many new great small businesses have been born during this lockdown this is a great way of supporting their growth.

4. Look for independent chocolate makers or buy vegan

The perfect occasion to be eating chocolate guilt-free! However try to support independent chocolate makers. Long gone are the days when good vegan chocolate was hard to come by with a lot of delicious alternatives from independent brands now available.

sustainable easter eggs with natural dyes

5. DIY or reusable eggs for egg hunt

One of the best things about Easter is that it comes every year. If you have discovered you have a good talent for DIY during this lockdown you can try crafting your own otherwise there are a few reusable egg alternatives out there that can be purchased. 

6. Plastic-free Easter basket

There can be a lot of plastic in Easter baskets, consider looking for one that’s reusable and long lasting as well as swapping the ‘grass’ for green yarn of even forage from the garden.

7. Natural dyes for eggs

Look for natural, non toxic alternatives to egg dyes by using vegetables or spices. Pinterest has a lot of great examples and is one of our favourite places to look for creative natural egg decorating ideas.

8. Sustainable gifts

Easter gifts don’t always have to be chocolate related (although extra chocolate never hurts). Consider a sustainable gift this year either as a bit of pampering or something for the home that’s both stylish and kind to the environment. Discover some of our favourite eco-friendly gifts here.

9. Reusable food storage

For any leftovers consider using reusable food storage alternatives instead of cling film or single use plastic containers such as these reusable ziplock bags, reusable lids and stainless steel food boxes

reusable ziplock bags  reusable stretch lids stainless steel food box

10. Reusable and plastic-free cleaning products

The cleaning part is never the fun part but we love these fun-printed reusable dish sponges that bring a bit of brightness to our kitchen. There can also be a lot of plastic in commercial cleaning products however these Neat refillable spray bottles are a great alternative to them. You only need to add water and a splash of this plastic-free and non-toxic cleaning solution. We love the Neat Grapefruit and Ylang Ylang Cleaning Refill in spring but the Fragrance Free solution is also a great option for those that prefer something unscented.

neat empty refill cleaning bottle  neat non toxic cleaning solution grapefruit  neat fragrance free cleaning solution

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