7 Colourful Sustainable Swaps For Spring

7 Colourful Sustainable Swaps For Spring

7 colourful sustainable swaps for spring

With spring now finally here it’s time to ditch the beige and insert a bit of brightening colours in our homes. Here are 7 of our favourite easy and colourful sustainable swaps for spring:

reusable food huggers1. Reusable food huggers
Hard not to fall in love with these fun reusable food huggers perfect for storing all those spring and summer glorious veggies and fruits for longer. A great alternative to cling-film, each pack contains a range of different sizes making it great for a wide variety of produce such as lemons, avocados, tomatoes, apples and more!

reusable dish washing sponge2. Reusable & plastic-free dish washing sponge
The dishwashing part is never the fun part but these printed reusable sponges made to last certainly bring a bit of brightness to the task. From yellow stripes to bumblebees and floral prints it’s hard to choose a favourite.
printed reusable shopper bag3. Printed reusable shopping bag
A great alternative to plastic bags, this mosaic printed reusable shopping bag is fully made from recycled bottles and it's great for both grocery shopping and as a day-to-day bag.
4. Organic cotton reusable kitchen towels
For a zero-waste alternative to paper towels we love these stylish organic cotton reusable kitchen towels that come in a variety of colours.

5. Reusable coffee cups & water bottle
These stainless steel reusable water bottles with a top handle are great for carrying around while outdoors while these glass reusable coffee cups are a great environment friendly alternative to the takeaway coffee.
6. Plastic free & biodegradable deodorant
We love these made in UK, plastic-free and vegan deodorants that come in a variety of scents such as bergamot & sage and cedarwood & rose and are small enough to put in our handbags.
7. Bamboo toothbrush
Bamboo toothbrushes are a fantastic alternative to the plastic heavy commercial ones that often end up in landfills. We are big fans of these coloured ones in both adult and kids sizes perfect for the whole family. This toothbrush bamboo case is great for travel in a way that’s both hygienic and plastic-free.

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