Top 7 London Vegetarian & Vegan Food Markets

london vegetarian and vegan markets

  1. Broadway Vegan Market

The new Vegan Market is a weekly vegan market open every Saturday from 10 -4pm in London Fields. It includes 30+ vegan food and drinks stalls from a wide range of cuisines so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Website here.

2. Hackney Downs Vegan Market

Previously held monthly, this much loved vegan market is now a weekly thing! Find them at Hackney Downs Studios every Saturday and browse the array of vegan food stalls, art and more.

More info here.

3. Vegan Nights London

An evening market located on Brick Lane at Old Truman Brewery this is a perfect after-work foodie affair. Next event is on 28th November and the entry is free but get there early as there is limited capacity and last event was so popular some didn’t get to enter.

Check their Facebook page to keep track of line-up of traders and for next event

4. Brixton Vegan Market

Although a one-off event at the moment, head to Brixton Market on Sunday 29th October for its first all Vegan Market from 9am to 3:30pm. The market promises to bring a range of food stalls from international street food to sweet vegan treats.

Line-up to be announced but expect so keep an eye on the event page here.

5. VegFest UK

VegfestUK are the organisers of some of Europe’s vegan events with 15 years experience so expect the ultimate vegan festival. The event will take place on October 21st & 22nd at Kensington Olympia and will include over 250 stalls as well as talks, workshops and cookery demos.

More about the event and ticket information here.

6. Greenwhich Market (not purely veggie but with good veggie options)

Although not purely a vegetarian or vegan market, Greenwhich Market offers a good variety of veggie food options from vegan burgers to vegan cakes as well as fresh fruits and vegetables stalls. Open daily but check out the stalls rotation on the website.

7. Kerb Camden Market (not purely veggie but with good veggie options)

A newly refurbished market at Camden Market, this daily 34-trader strong food market is perfect for having a short break from exploring Camden to grab a bite to eat. Vegan and veggie options available, check out their website for more info:

Top 7 Tips for Transitioning to a Vegan Diet

tips for vegan diet transition

Although the total number of vegans in the world is still quite low (here stats by country), there is definitely an increase in people adopting this sort of diet due to its health, environmental and wildlife benefits.

Here are our top 7 tips to help you with the transition:

  1. Gather initial info

Research existing impacts on the environment and meat production practices, watch documentaries, read blogs, and articles to better understand the reasons people have for choosing this way of life. Learn about the benefits of vegan lifestyle not only for yourself but also for the environment and the wildlife.

2. Understand where you can get your nutrients from on a plant-based diet

Find out from what products you can get the necessary nutrients on a vegan diet such as protein that you can find in tofu, spinach, nuts & seeds, and many more. Start understanding more what ingredients go into your most purchased existing products. You might be surprised that some of your favourite products are already vegan (looking at you Oreos) and for the ones that you will have to ditch such as milk, cheese, start researching vegan alternatives.

Make sure you do proper research on how to ensure you have a healthy plant based diet and if you have any medical conditions that you are concern about have a chat with a doctor and a nutritionist.

3. Identify local vegan groceries stores and brands

Vegan brands are now often stocked in traditional supermarkets which makes it much more convenient to buy everything at once with your weekly shop. There are also a lot of vegan/ vegetarian specific stores that provide a wide-range of vegan products. These stores might come in handy especially in the beginning when you’re still getting familiar with different vegan brands as you can get to see which ones you enjoy the most.

4. Find local restaurants that offer great vegan options

If this is the first time trying to adopt a vegan diet, especially if you’re switching from a omnivore diet, in the first few days you might struggle coming up with ideas for meals, so trying out dishes from different cuisines can provide some good meal inspiration as well as comfort that vegan food actually tastes good!

5. Start collecting vegan recipes from cookbooks, blogs, social media

Certain cuisines like Indian, Israeli, Thai, Chinese, Ethiopian, Italian have a wide range of meat and diary free options, although you will find that pretty much all cuisines worldwide have some vegan options. Start collecting recipes from blogs, Instagram, cookbooks and start incorporating them into your existing diet. It can be useful to have a range of recipes, from quick meals that you can put together when you don’t feel like cooking, to big pots that you can then split into individual portions for freezing.

6. Take it gradually

Sometimes going first on vegetarian before vegan might be easier if you’re shifting straight from a omnivore diet. It is usually recommended to first add more plant-based options to your diet before starting to gradually remove meat & diary.

7. Keep the motivation up

Don’t beat yourself up if it’s taking you a while to fully switch to veganism, everyone has their different speed and don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by feeling that you need to label your diet. Some people choose to do a mix of vegetarian with vegan, or pescatarian with vegan to start with and then moving from there.

Finding a partner that is also looking to switch to vegan can also make the whole journey much easier and fun as you can encourage and support each other.