Why You Should Repeat Outfits

outfit repeats at work

Outfit repeats at work have been for long seen as something we should avoid and have put a lot of pressure especially on women to wear each day something different for fear of what others might think (“Will my colleagues think I haven’t showered?!”). But repeating looks shouldn’t be something we feel ashamed of and as Arianna Huffington put it “I don’t hide my outfit repeats, I celebrate them”.

This doesn’t mean that you have to wear the same t-shirt for weeks but more about minimising your wardrobe to key essentials that you feel the most comfortable in at work. Steve Jobs had his signature black turtleneck and jeans look, Mark Zuckerberg is rarely seen in something else than t-shirt and jeans, and Sony’s Creative Manager – Matilda Kahl, has been become widely known for wearing the same white top with black trousers to work every day for 3 years.

So what are the benefits of outfit repeats you might ask:

  1. Time saving

Biggest reason most people choose to repeat outfits is the obvious time-saving in the mornings, not having to spend hours each week thinking “what should I wear today?” and having to keep changing each morning till you find that “perfect look”. This means you can spend more time sleeping, having a nice breakfast, or on your business.

  1. Comfort

Being able to decide your work uniform means you can find the items you’ve been wearing to work that you feel most comfortable in which can be a huge relief and allow you to better focus on your job.

  1. You’re in control

Not having to feel the pressure of having to constantly think of what to wear and what will others think of your look means that you’re in control of the image you want to put forward and let your ideas be the key focus in meetings.

  1. It’s good for the environment

A minimalist wardrobe has not only time benefits but it’s also good for the environment. You don’t feel the need to buy as many clothes just for the sake of having something new to wear at work.

  1. Less clutter

Less items in your wardrobe, less clutter and clothes forgotten that you never wear but are sitting there with the tag on because they initially felt like a good choice but then realised you don’t actually feel comfortable in them.

  1. It means you have more fun dressing up in weekends or evenings

Repeating outfits at work doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t enjoy fashion or dressing up, in fact you are likely to feel more energised to dress up for other occasions.

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