Why Gucci’s Fur Ban is a Game-Changer

Gucci’s President and CEO Marco Bizzarri announced this week that all future collections starting from next year will be fur-free as well as pledging to auction all past manufactured fur garments and donate the profits to benefit animal-rights charities.

Bizzari said the move represents “our absolute commitment to making sustainability an intrinsic part of our business” and credits the ability to make this move possible to Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele who was appointed in 2015.

The news comes after fellow Italian brand Armani announced last year to stop using fur in its collection and Gucci will now join 40 other organisations that make up the Fur Free Alliance aimed at putting an end to the animal cruelty in the fashion industry.

This is seen as a game-changer for the fashion industry as Gucci, part of the Kering group that also houses Stella McCartney, is one of the most known luxury brands with stores all over the world. The brand was ranked by Forbes as number 47 World’s Most Valuable Brand and as reported by Kering, Gucci saw a remarkable growth in the first quarter of 2017 with 51.4% increase in sales and 11% shares jump.

Unfortunately the number of luxury fashion houses that are fur-free is still quite low so hopefully as a brand with such high consumer awareness and customer base, this will make a great positive impact in terms of encouraging more consumers to see fur as outdated and cruel, as well as serving as an example to other big luxury fashion houses to join the movement and produce fur-free innovative designs.

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